Get to Know the Marketplace!

When looking for home needs or hobbies on the internet, we will find the word marketplace. So often, we go along with mentioning the marketplace when explaining where to buy goods online. However, have we known what marketplace really means?

So, what is a marketplace?

Quoted from Shopery, marketplace is a platform provided for sellers to gather and be able to sell their goods or services to customers even without physically meeting them. Marketplace or online market, also provides various facilities. Starting from payment methods, delivery estimates, product selection by category, and various other features.

The platform for a marketplace can be in the form of an application or a website. All operations within the marketplace, from website management to payment methods are facilitated by the marketplace provider company. With this platform, sellers don’t have to bother with owning or renting a place to open their business.

What are the advantages of a marketplace?

1. Establish Good Relations With the Community

Through the marketplace, we can connect with other sellers or communities. With this connection, we can learn from each other and share knowledge related to business. This creates new and bigger business opportunities.

2. Begin with a minimal budget

Marketplace allows us to launch a business with minimal budget. This is because integrated marketplaces usually quote rental fees at relatively low prices, compared to any other renting places. If you join a marketplace on social media such as Facebook, Tiktok, or other buying and selling forums, you can open a business without any initial costs.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Lose Customers

Quoting from Databoks, in the third quarter of 2019, visits to online sales platforms in Indonesia touched 66 million users. This is supported by the convenience of a marketplace that makes it easier for customers to find all their needs in one place, without the need to leave the house. Marketplaces can also be accessed anytime and anywhere by everyone. So, there’s higher chances you get more customers rather than losing one!

4. Easy to Monitor and Evaluate Business

Some online marketplace managers usually come with an insight feature. This feature can help you monitor business activities in the marketplace. For example, how many people visited the store, the number of people who responded, the number of people who communicated, and the number of people who bought a certain product. So you can evaluate your business thoroughly.

5. The Presence of Good Regulation

Online marketplace companies usually present good regulations, including the security of your business store. Among them are promotional features, joint accounts, insurance, payment integration, and store verification.

How about it? Are you familiar with the marketplace now? With this, you can start looking for a marketplace according to your needs. If your needs are related to Indonesian products, but you are abroad, don’t worry! can be a marketplace that meets all your needs.

Starting from household needs, such as spices or snacks, to skin care such as face wash or sunscreen. can bridge all your overseas needs. Just try it! And fulfill your Indonesian products wish list at!

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