Go Export Business With Sahabat Coach Papi

Boourac.com in collaboration with Sahabat Coach Papi held a discussion meeting with Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). The event, entitled “Creating a Go Export Business Ecosystem with Sahabat Coach Papi”, consisted of curating and educating MSME products. This event aims to prepare Indonesian MSMEs to enter the export market (15/08/2022).

Sahabat Coach Papi Team was formed for the first time in 2019. Sahabat Coach Papi were previously under the Daun Djati Cemerlang Foundation. But now, become a community that stands alone. Their aim is to provide coaching both in terms of hard skills and soft skills.

“MSMEs don’t just advance class, they graduate successfully,” explained Pantas Sitompul, Head of Sahabat Coach Papi, who explained the catchphrase of the community.

Sahabat Coach Papi was formed by Sitompul out of the concern of MSMEs in Indonesia that deserves more attention, especially DKI Jakarta at that time. Based on his analysis, he concluded that all the obstacles and dynamics of MSMEs can be overcome by building the mentality and character of business actors. Therefore, he divided the focus of Sahabat Coach Papi into 3 segments, namely UMKM Budding, Growing, and Developing. The results of this segment are followed by the stages of development, capital, and marketing.

Apart from Pantas Sitompul, the event was also attended by Iis Muchlis, Managing Director, and Metta Palupi, Commercial Director from Boourac International Indonesia, who directed the preparation of MSME products. Meanwhile, Syarief Thalib, Boourac New Zealand as the moderator, shared his opinion and curated the products so they are ready to enter the export market.

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